About us

United Investment Limited is a Company designed around the large scale financing needs that exist in the financial world today. Through Unitedís vast resources of financial partners including, The Top 25 Banks in the world along with Trust Companies and Financial Brokers, UIL is able to fulfil and facilitate large scale borrowings of Government and Corporate Clients alike.

UILís network of agents and brokers are the recruiters of all of UILís Investors and Customers alike, by bringing together in perfect harmony a complete balance of Financier, Investor and Client. UIL is able to fulfil the granting of low interest loans through its cutting edge strategy of ďcomplete load balancing." Through this new approach to large scale financing UIL is able to secure and provide funding at extremely low interest rates to pre-approved clients.

Note: all prequalification is done by our agents, brokers and banks (bankers), prior to clients being allowed to access our financing packages.

All Corporations, Governments and Companies interested in access to our financing packages must first be pre-qualified through one of our many agents worldwide.