Who we are

Through Unitedís network of Banks and Investors it is able to access financing. Specializing in large scale financing UILís minimum quota are loans starting at 150M US Dollars

United Investment Limited offers financing for corporate and socioeconomic growth, to qualified customers. UIL works with major financial partners to deliver solid funding to projects pre-qualified by financial research contractors and brokers such as (Citi Smith Barney, Strategic Investments Limited and Charles Schwab) or through our own service teams located in Dallas, New York, Brussels, London, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. United is dedicated to Immediate Financing with Long Term repayment plans (for pre-qualified customers). United Investment Limited is not a bank; we do not offer any commercial banking services. We are a provider of large scale financing, and large scale investment opportunities to our shareholders and clients. Through our major alliances with finance houses, banks, trust companies and financial analysts, we are able to secure high returns for our dollar. At United we believe in the principle that money that works produces more....we have proven this through our history of performance and continued commitment to our financial partners.

How do we do it?

United provides financing through investment, by accessing our large data base of clients willing to invest in sound opportunities, our clients includes, Banks, Pension Funds, State and Federal Government, Insurance Companies and Individuals. We have developed a solid financial base which is able to supply the needs of successful applicants. At United we have a strict adherence to our finance prerequisites therefore guarantying returns for our investment and that of our investors.

  • The Cross Financing Group
  • Symposium Corp
  • Siemens
  • GE
  • Nokia
  • Mitsubishi
  • Yamaha
  • Methanex
  • GIETC (China)
  • CCEC (China)
  • MinMetals (China)
  • Bayegan (Europe)
  • UNIPAC (Asia, South America)
  • Morgan Chase